Year of Reading Dangerously-Barack Obama

I have finished The Audacity of Hope and have found it to be just as inspiring as Obama’s speeches. It is such a rare thing for a politician to honestly address the public about concerns that we all share-Democrats, Republicans, Independents, doubters, and even politicians. Too often all we are given to judge them by is a sound byte and accusing commercials.

I do not recall in my lifetime that there has been a President that everyone considered his/her President. It certainly has been a while since there wasn’t tremendous anger by at least a third of the people. To me this is a travesty. I want to believe in my country and President, but that would require one who is working to improve all of our lives-not just the wealthy and corporations. It also would require one that listens to opposing views and meets the issue head on, instead of dismissing the arguments outright or sidestepping the difficulties. Obama in his book and his speeches has shown that he is capable of doing these things. Isn’t it time we have a President who we all can be proud of?

For an example of his ability to address difficult issues, here is a speech that he gave this past week in response to outrage about statements his minister made. He did not run from the issue, as many would. He faced it candidly and satisfactorily in a way I have never heard a politician address race.


2 Responses to “Year of Reading Dangerously-Barack Obama”

  1. Jennifer Robin Says:

    As a fellow bookaholic, I look forward to every new reiview you post. Great site!

  2. minerva66 Says:

    Thank you for your feedback, Jennifer. I’m trying to make each post a good one, although I am having some difficulty keeping to the weekly post I intended.

    I don’t ordinarily read political books, and I certainly don’t want to make my posts all about politics. But I have never seen a candidate like Obama, and it is refreshing to have a politician trying to discuss issues with the public instead of throwing barbs back and forth with his/her opponents. I think a candidate like this comes along only once in a great while. And you better believe all the other great ones had fierce opposition as well.

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