Year of Reading Dangerously-Investing in Our Future

I wish that I had seen a book like by Modu and Walker 10 to 15 years ago. We had more discretionary income (or some) at that time, but just did not know enough to see we could have been investing small amounts. We have recently started investing small amounts for ourselves (not teens), driven by the fact that we no longer have the opportunity of workplace investment. Also by our government’s unwillingness to invest in alternative energy, which we believe needs to be happening NOW-not wait until the current political war is over (i.e. the oil & gas people are ousted). Particularly, we believe alternative electrical generation and electric vehicles will be extremely important for our future. The amount of R & D funds for alternatives is a joke compared to the bonuses oil companies have been handed.

So, yes, we will be doing more of our own investing and helping our children to choose as well. We believe we can improve our situation, while we also promote businesses that are involved in real growth (as opposed to those that are ONLY about making money).

Note: I saw on Amazon that Emmanuel Modu is a former vice president at J.P. Morgan Chase and Citibank and  also  has been a senior treasury analyst at Merrill Lynch.


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