Picture Book of the Month for July 2010

I want to include two books for the Picture Book of the Month this time.
They are by the same author and illustrator, Hiawyn Oram and Satoshi
Kitamura, and even have a similar character. The books are both based on
a boy’s imagination in dealing with negative feelings. In the Attic is the solution to boredom. Angry Arthur is about coping with anger. The imagination and illustrations are fabulous. A little like a Japanese version of David Wiesner.

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2 Responses to “Picture Book of the Month for July 2010”

  1. Pragmatic Mom Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I love David Wiesner so any books that emulate him are ones that I’d be interested in checking out. The one on anger management also sounds interesting!


    Pragmatic Mom
    Type A Parenting for the Modern World

    I blog on children’s lit, education and parenting.

  2. minerva66 Says:

    I would be interested to know what you think after reading the book. The style is quite different. But the details and creativity remind me of Wiener’s Free Fall and Flotsam.

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