Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon

These are the best books for young readers I’ve read in quite a while. They have lots of funny segments. In one week, my ten-year-old read the first four books twice (despite Henry’s being way under his reading level). My thirteen-year-old also read them all. So, they are books for all ages or levels to enjoy.

Between beginning readers and picture books and novels, there is a gap in literature that is difficult to bridge, causing frustration for children and concern by parents. The Horrid Henry books fall between the two categories, and hopefully their humor will help in this crucial step towards becoming a reader. The books are designed like beginner readers, but longer and more advanced. There are four short stories in each book. They are for those who have outgrown beginner readers but are not ready to read novels. Novels are so much longer than beginners that there really need to be more books at the Horrid Henry level. Good readers will make the huge leap to novels. Others might not. I have come across some other excellent transitional books but not enough to keep reluctant readers reading. I have posted before about the importance of this developmental stage and have a list of transitional books.

This is the first printing of Horrid Henry in the US. The books have been a huge success in England, and other areas internationally, for many years.

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I found the second book less funny than the original Horrid Henry, but utterly relatable. Henry certainly lives up to his reputation. Only Moody Margaret tops him. In this book, the illustrations are more imaginative: the fire-breathing dragon, the wedding pictures, Margaret drawing the uncrossable line, and Henry’s fake window drop.

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Another spectacular Horrid Henry book. Four great stories. I love the outrageousness of the regular life situations that become capers in Simon’s hands. In most of them, I can totally empathize with Henry despite his unconventional behavior.

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Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Time Machine is one you’ll not want to miss. Who knew a story about taking a walk could be so funny? Henry reminds me so much of my own children when we have pleaded, coaxed, and badgered them into going on walks. Now I know exactly what was going through their heads.

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  2. minerva66 Says:

    Is there any reason why you think it shouldn’t?

  3. Bomboniere Says:

    Horrid Henry is really a book for young people!

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