Horizons Transitional Books Challenge

Last year I participated in the challenge A Year of Reading Dangerously. It was consistent with a direction I wanted to be going anyway. At times it was difficult to read a more challenging book each month. Horizons is an effort to continue broadening my horizons, challenging myself, and plus providing an ongoing list of transitional books for young adults to adults. I hope to include books that are marketed to YA and adult and that they will both enjoy. I also want to invite others to participate in discussion on what they are reading to challenge themselves or what they believe should be considered. You can comment on this post or participate in the forums.

The following is my list of books for last year (minus a couple I don’t want on the list), and the first book I want to add is Night Watch from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.

*list updated Apr 2009

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

Bad Samaritans by Ha-Joon Chang

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Deryni Checkmate, 2nd of The Chronicles of the Deryni by Katherine Kurtz – no review yet

An End to Suffering by Pankaj Mishra

The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan – review of series

The Myth Hunters by Christopher Golden, series

Night Watch by Terry Pratchett

The Other Teddy Roosevelts by Mike Resnick

Race: A History Beyond Black and White by Marc Aronson

SAMS Teach Yourself Beginning Programming by Sams Publishing

TeenVestor.com by Modu and Walker

Two Billion Cars by Daniel Sperling and Deborah Gordon

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